If you’re seeing this post

then chances are that I told the 97°F weather to take a flying leap and went out to some place with both wifi and a/c.

I’m not sure I’m liking the heat index of 107°F (in the shade, no less!). That’s just asking for trouble.

At least it’s not the back-to-back summers of 2011 & 2012. Back then, the heat index was through the roof and the actual temps were in the neighborhood of 105°F and 110°F.

Plus there were crickets everywhere! Yuk!

I have to catch up on my email, my social media, and not leave my friend Larry hanging on how I’ve been feeling (since I started the conversation last Friday).

It would be nice to have internet at home, but that’s not in our budget right now.

If I sweat, then everything’s great. If not, then my doctors at Nazih Zudhi have some ‘splainin’ to do. I mean, how much water to I have to consume every day to replace what the diuretics take out?

And is coconut water okay (as opposed to, say, Gatorade, which I can’t drink any more because of the salt content and my tendency to retain fluid)?

Every summer, a vacation to the southern hemisphere sounds more and more appealing. Australia or bust!

Hmmm, snow in July…I think I like it.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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