Adventures in the Integris Healthcare System, part 6?

Another trip to the ER…*sigh*

I hadn’t been feeling so great lately, so when I saw that my eyes looked a little yellow, I freaked out.

But that isn’t what sent me to the ER, though. It was pain in all the places it shouldn’t be in, like upper left and upper right quadrant of my abdomen. Where my spleen and liver are.


So Daniel, Jeff & Scott took me to the Integris facility in Edmond, where they put me in the coldest damn room the the building!

So three blown out veins, one IV, one EKG and a blood test later, the ER doc sends me home. Seems that everything is more or less normal: my blood levels are normal, my liver enzymes are normal, my heart is normal…even my blood pressure was somewhat normal (107/63). And the jaundice…is to be expected in liver patients. It only means my bilirubin is a little higher than normal. We are dealing with a damaged liver here after all.

So, on what would’ve been my mom’s 86th birthday (7/31/15, the day I wrote this), I make yet another trip to the emergency department.



I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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