The post where Stef discusses the wearing of band shirts in public and what should she be listening to

At times, I will wear one of my Disturbed shirts out in public, especially now that they are a little too big on me (and therefore fit better).  When I do that, I’m thinking that someone will see it and start a conversation about our mutual love of the band.

But what usually happens is this:

Old ladies, soccer moms, and those of religious convictions (especially here in Oklahoma), will look at me like I either need Jesus…or a trip to the psych ward.

And then there are some who tell me to “grow up”, that I’m too old to like hard rock or metal. I look at them like, “(Gasp!) There’s an age limit? Well gee whiz, why didn’t someone tell me this when I was eleven, twelve and thirteen years old and had discovered bands like Led Zeppelin, KISS, and Black Sabbath?”

Hey, Metallica had a fan that was in her 90s, so that proves that metal does not have an age limit. Forty years later, I’m still listening to it, and I’m not going to stop. I’ve seen lots of people my age and older at events such as the Mayhem Festival (RIP). God willing, I will be blessed with a long life and still be listening to it in my 90s!

And what, dear “experts” on what music I should  be listening to at age 51, should I be tuning my radio to? The local oldies station? That’s fine when I’m feeling nostalgic, but for my every day listening pleasure– the louder, harder, and faster….the better!

I’ll make you a deal…you don’t criticize me for my music choices, and I won’t laugh when you tell me you outgrew your love for real music to listen to Muzak™ versions of the stuff you listened to in high school. Okay?


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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