The All New, Real Life Adventures in the Integris Healthcare System

(part 7….not lucky 😦 )

I went back to the ER around 1am Saturday morning in pain so excruciating that I compared it to being in labor. When the nurse asked me “on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain…” I said 15.

Yes folks, it was that bad! And I’ve made a few trips to Labor and Delivery in my day.

My body kept trying to throw up, but all I could do is dry heave. I was literally doubled over in pain.

The nurse who started an IV for me was really nice, and only had to stick me once to get blood samples and hook up the IV line. No blown veins this time. Yay!

Then a CT tech came in to say he was going to do a scan, but I had to choke down 32 ounces of diluted Kool-Aid™ with a barium solution in it first, then give it an hour to circulate. Um…okay.

To alleviate the pain and the nausea, they put morphine and an anti-nausea drug in my IV, and soon I was stoned out of my mind. Okay, maybe “stoned” wouldn’t be the word I’d have used…but the nurses did. I was a bit loopy. And not in as much pain.

The CT scan was done, and apparently they didn’t really like what they saw…but sent me home anyway around 4 am. The doctor gave me scripts for meds (Vicodin and Ondansetron (?)). She tried to explain what they found in the scan, but all I was able to grasp in my drugged up state was I had a small blood clot in my liver. And that I needed to take the paperwork with me to my appointment at Nazih Zudhi on Thursday morning.

It actually took Tori to demystify what was wrong with me… in addition to everything that was already wrong with me, I have an enlarged spleen, gall stones, the blood clot (which is apparently slowing things way down bloodflow wise), and a cyst either on or near my left ovary that was the size of (roughly) of a tennis ball.

Lovely. And very surprised that I wasn’t admitted to the hospital, as serious as it all sounds.

I can’t help but think that if these tests were run on me on July 31st when I was in the ER last, maybe we could have done something sooner about this mess.

We’ll get this all figured out…



I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~



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