It’s just a red cup

Here we go again.

Some whackadoodle preacher is up in arms over the red cup that Starbucks is offering this year, saying that the coffee chain hates Christmas, it’s non Christian, and had declared a war on Christmas.

His remarks went viral, and now so called Christians are calling for a boycott. Others are going to Starbucks anyway and asking that the barrista write Merry Christmas on their cups instead of their name.

This is going to be the year that is remembered as the year of being offended. If people are offended by what a paper coffee cup doesn’t say, what does that tell you about what kind of person they are?

It’s just a red cup, people! I liked the explanation that Starbucks gave for the design: that it was all inclusive. Since when did Christians corner the market on snow flakes and evergreen trees?

Maybe these people should get back into church, attend bible study and find out the real truth.

And for the price of a cup of joe from Starbucks, a disadvantaged family could have a place to sleep and warm food in their bellies this Christmas.

Priorities. Get them straight.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ ~!


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