It’s too late for platitudes

Yesterday (12/2/15) there was yet another mass shooting. It was in San Bernardino, California, about 60 miles from where I grew up.

The names of the now deceased suspects (a married couple) are inconsequential. I’m not going to name them. They must have known that this would give their cause legitimacy, that they could die as martyrs. Their names are splashed all over the media, yet as of right now, we don’t know the names of the people whose lives were snuffed out by these two monsters.

Our gun control laws are a joke. Sure, they do background checks prior to purchase, but failing that, anyone determined to get a gun will find a way to do so. Our government doesn’t want to upset groups like the NRA with stricter laws (probably because they have some elected officials in their pockets), so nothing gets done. Citizens complaining doesn’t work. The senator or congressman just nods their heads and tells you they are concerned, then does nothing about it.

How many more people have to die in this country before Washington gets it? It’s not just about terrorists or refugees. The kid who shot 9 people to death in Charleston, SC earlier this year was a homegrown nut job wanting to start a race war.

All our officials do is propagate fear; the terrorists are coming, they say, so we must keep the refugees out because terrorists are hiding among them.

What about the terrorists who live here? Not all of them are from the Middle East as the government would like us to believe. Do names like Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Dylan Roof ring a bell?

All our elected officials do in response to these tragedies is offer “prayers and thoughts” for victims. That’s all well and good, but the time for such platitudes has past. It’s now time for action. Get your collective head out of your ass and do something about it!

There have been 355 mass shootings this year alone. How many more people have to die before something is done? One is too many.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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