More adventures in the Integris healthcare system


Had another follow up at Nazih Zudhi this morning. Spoke with a nutritionist, who was very helpful and gave me some useful tools to assist me with keeping my diet under control. I do need to cut out the empty calories (i.e. no soda, fruit juice, processed sugar, etc); eat more nutrient dense foods, eat more frequent and smaller meals; improve my gut flora by eating yogurt, tofu, kefir (well actually, kefir is a drink); and that omega 3s are better for me than omega 6s, so eat more fresh caught fish, nuts, and avocados (yay!).

Then I had lab work done, which took literally about a minute to do.

Then, finally off to see the physician’s assistant, with whom I discussed my lab work (still keeping steady, levels wise). My MELD score is still at 11, but when I come back in March, were going to discuss pre transplant evaluation with a hospital social worker and a financials representative. This DOES NOT mean I’ll be placed on the transplant list; that’s done by a committee made up of surgeons, the PA, the social worker, the financial rep, and a few others. That may be way down the line… or never. But my liver will never improve to where it was before. The damage is irreversible at this point. All I can do is do what the doctors tell me, make improvements to my diet, lose more weight (though I did lose 10lbs since my September visit), and take care of myself.

Then… to thank Scott for getting up at the crack of dawn to get me to my appointments, I took him to lunch.

When I got home, I took a nap. I am one tired Stef.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

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