It’s official: I’m a complete klutz

Since the holidays, I have done the following:

Dec 20– I fell down one step and landed hard on my right side. It is, still, quite sore. I did the same thing three years ago (which was worse) shortly before I graduated from college.

Dec 23– I was getting off the bus, and instead of stepping out onto the sidewalk, I fell out of the bus on my ass. Had I not been wearing a coat, I would have torn up my elbow pretty good. Instead, only my pride hurt.

Today, Jan 4- I fell up the steps near my apartment. Again on my right side. But I just got up and walked to the bus stop.

Jeff joked that my medic alert bracelet was already in the mail.

What’s it going to say? “My mother is a clumsy bozo”?

This is getting ridiculous!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

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