Went back to the ER yesterday with the same issues that put me there three weeks ago. Though the pain was not as intense, it was still pain and I was still in  a great deal of said pain.

Had the usual battery of tests, all of which showed nothing out of the ordinary, but everyone from the ER doc to my specialist agreed that I need to be seen sooner rather than later. So next week, I’ll be making appointments with the liver doc, and the doctor who did my specialized endoscopy (the procedure to remove the gall stones)… BEFORE I have my regular appointment at Nazih Zudhi in March.

And, all were still in agreement that removing my gallbladder would be too risky to my health.

They also agreed that any future trips to the ER need to be at Baptist, since all my specialists are there. *sigh*

I got morphine for the pain while I was at the ER… which pretty much messed me up for the rest of the day. I got a script for Ultram to fill at the pharmacy once they released me. That left me sleepy all day.

So, I went to fill the prescription, got a nice big bowl of pasta salad from Mc Allisters, a bottle of fizzy water (0 everything!) and went home and slept the rest of Friday away.

How was your week? LOL


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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