Haters gonna hate

They hate everything.

Presidential candidates.
Rights for everyone.
Anyone not of their faith.

You get the idea.

I personally don’t like politics, and forget having a rational discussion with some people about religion. The hate for everything else that people are having is just too much!

It clogs up my feeds, and it’s now trendy to hate stuff. Hate is a strong word. I don’t like to use the word hate to express my dislike for something or someone. I prefer “dislike”, as in “I dislike Donald Trump, calamari, some
pop music, the Kardashians, etc, etc.”

If you hate something you see on social media so much, why bother commenting on a post about something you obviously don’t like? Because you can? Because you think you have a right to say whatever stupid thing comes out of your mouth? I’m all for freedom of speech, but to just hate something or someone because you can? That seems stupid to me.

That’s why people are racist, or intolerant of something they don’t really understand and don’t want to learn more about.

There are better things to get angry about; let’s try homelessness, the way our veterans have been treated, war, injustice, homophobia, etc.

Life is not black and white. There are lots of grey spots, too. It’s managing to live within those grey spots that’s the struggle. I’m female, 52, college educated, speak my mind and think for myself.

I like what I like, and I will defend my words and the right to my opinion in a public forum.

Earlier this week, after responding to a post on Facebook about Trump winning the South Carolina primary, I got this response from some sweet young thing:

Surprise, surprise…NOT! Trump will bully his way into the White House, and turn this country upside down. You get what you vote for. Hope you can live with the consequences.

>> Stephanie, you have been upside down for a while, that is why the blood went to your brain and made you into a MORON.

I stand by my statement, missy. I have every right to express my opinion on this subject. Name calling is so juvenile. I assume you’re an adult. Act like it.

That is all.

Funny, I thought blood going to my brain was a good thing. She didn’t respond after that so I guess I got under her skin. Good.

She didn’t like what I had to say about her candidate. I hope she can live with her choice once he’s elected and starts doing all that ridiculous shit he’s planning on doing.

I hope a year from now, that I am wrong and Trump isn’t president.

But you never know.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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