More adventures in the Integris Healthcare System, spring 2016 edition

I went to my regular appointment last week. It was unremarkable. My MELD score is still at 11 (good), all the numbers are more or less normal for me. Blood pressure was shockingly normal (120/80), instead of weird numbers like 95/50…how am I not a corpse?

I also decided to find out more about the transplantation process, and was given stuff to read and forms to fill out and sign or get signed.

Very sobering stuff indeed.

A coordinator was supposed to call me on Tuesday. I did get that call, and learned that Integris Baptist considers my current insurance out of network! Apparently, Baptist and Integris in Edmond see things differently re: my insurance. Edmond takes my insurance and considered it in network, whereas Baptist does not consider it in network.

It was suggested to me to contact the Healthcare marketplace (aka Obamacare) to see if I could change it over. Of course after taking forever for someone to answer my call, then go through the process of getting a special enrollment period (where I was asked all manner of stupid questions, such as if I’d had a baby in the last 60 days. They had my date of birth on my records, for crying out loud!)

After all that, I did not qualify, so I have to keep my current insurance until open enrollment in November. Therefore, I cannot be considered for inclusion on the transplant list at this time. Let’s hope I don’t need a transplant between now and then.

Oh yeah, I go back in June for another follow-up. Yay.

Sometimes, I really tired of being so damn special. I want my boring little life back!

‘saint happening, sweetheart.

So… how have y’all been?


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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