I was looking back at some of my posts on social media from last week, and noticed something very encouraging.

I allowed Snarky Stef to come out and play.

My favorite post was on Facebook, where I commented on a post about some chick in Texas who was texting at the Disturbed show there and got caught by David, the singer.

She got so butthurt over the “humiliating” event she went to local media to complain. She said that she was checking on her teenage daughter who was home alone during inclement weather that night.

Allegedly, she made the whole thing up.

What makes people do that? A need for attention?


I made my comment and some idiot decided to tell me to “go fuck yourself.”

My reply was, “I think I will. Probably better than fucking you anyway.”

Yeah, the little kiddos come out pretending to be adults, and when they get called on their nonsense, resort to name calling. Ho hum. Cry me a fuckin’ river.

If it weren’t for wanting to stay in touch with people I’ve met either in person or online, I’d have given up social media ages ago. I mean, I can’t even figure Snapchat out!

So, how was your weekend?

I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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