My take on the North Carolina “bathroom bill”

Just how are they going to determine who belongs in what bathroom? Carry your birth certificate with you? The state gaining access to your medical records as a matter of “public safety”?


Yesterday (4/12/16), North Carolina’s Governor McCrory tried to explain the bill he signed, starting he didn’t expect such a huge backlash. Really, Governor? Are you a special kind of stupid? Your state is now losing revenue because of this misguided and bigoted legislation. Big companies are declining to come to your state because of it; Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert because of it. And many more will do the same, mark my words.

A word of advice for those who think this was a great idea:

Get educated before you spout off on something you know little to nothing about. Laws like the one in North Carolina rely on unfounded fears or out and out lies.

Do you really want a man, who identifies and presents female in the men’s room? Or a woman who identifies and presents male in the ladies room? Why don’t we just make this easier for everyone and let transgendered individuals use the facility that is most comfortable for them.

Or, hey, here’s a thought… how about a unisex bathroom option? That way, trans folks won’t have to freak out the uptight amongst us, and Mom can take her young sons with her to the restroom; dad can take his young daughters; grown children who are caretakers can take mom or dad, or a hired medical person can take their opposite gender clients. Everybody wins!

Read this article and watch the accompanying video and decide for yourself.

Oh, and if you do decide to comment, refrain from name calling. Because it says more about you than it does about me. And I’ll delete it.

Thank you! Have a nice day!



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