The post where Stef discusses Target’s all inclusive bathroom policy

This is getting out of hand.

People, even some of those I consider friends, are getting their panties in a twist over Target’s announcement of allowing their guests to use whatever bathroom they identify with gender wise. Some have even called for a boycott of Target.

First, good people, Target isn’t going to miss you. Second, all you’re doing is spreading hate and fear. I don’t live my life hating and fearing those things I don’t understand. I educate myself. I get facts. I don’t spread useless and uninformed garbage around.

Today I saw a video and read a post about this. The weird thing is, they were almost verbatim in their wording, with only a few personal details changed. The video was done by a so called “preacher”, the post was done by some self righteous, Bible thumping “Christian” chick. Both made the alleged point of if Target allowed this, all the pedophiles and perverts could pretend to be transgendered to attack women and young children.

My point to them is if pedophiles and perverts were going to attack innocent women and children, they never needed a law. They’d just go in and do their evil deeds. And the cases of a true transgender attacking women and children are so few, it’s almost laughable. The same things were said about black people in the 50s and homosexuals in the 60s.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even me. If you honestly think that Target’s policy is so horrible that you’d stop shopping there, then don’t shop there. Just means there’s more for those of us who aren’t ruled by hate and fear. I would advise you to do some research into the subject to understand those who don’t agree with your views.

Like me, for example.

But don’t take my word for it. If these people were true Christians, they would be welcoming. But the majority of them I’ve encountered have been so indoctrinated with hate and fear and misinformation, that if Christ returned today, he wouldn’t recognize most of these people.

I am a Christian, and I truly believe that God loves everyone. And I mean EVERYONE– straight, gay, lesbian, transgendered, black, white, brown, red, yellow. Everyone!

Some people are going to think that I belong in hell for my views. Guess what? God gave me a brain, knowledge and freewill to make my own damn decisions. I honestly do not give a rat’s back end what others think. If I am truly going to hell, I’m certain I’ll have plenty of company.

I’ll end this by saying that if plan to leave a hate filled comment on this post, please give me a way to contact you. I do not accept anonymous comments, nor comments with no contact info. If you really believe in what you’re saying, let’s debate. I love learning new things. Maybe you’ll expand my knowledge base, who knows. Please keep that in mind.

And remember, your mileage may vary.



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