The headache from hell…

has lasted about ten days too long.

In the last post, I mentioned that my body was trying to “catch” something. That something was the headache from hell.

No OTC drugs could touch this thing. I honestly thought about going to the ER, but I’m sure the ER folks are sick to death of me. So I called a 24/7 helpline provided by my insurance company and spoke to a nurse. She was very helpful and suggested a few things I could try.

That led me to ask Daniel to take me to the store to get me some Excedrin™, but Daniel didn’t want to take me and Jeff, too, so I reluctantly gave him my debit card to buy it.

What he came home with was for migraines, which I’ve never had, but I decided to take it anyway, because I had to be able to sleep, right?

Well, long story short, it did the job and I was able to sleep all night.

Then morning came and so did my headache. It’s driving me mad! I’ll take more before bed tonight. If the same thing happens tomorrow, I’m going to either the acute care clinic up the street, or the ER. I can’t live like this for another day. There has to be some cause for a headache to go on for a week and a half.

What if, after all that, it was just allergies? I think I’ll be more than a little ticked off. Not even allergy meds (OTC) did anything for this.

I have enough medical stuff to deal with because of my liver and all that entails. I don’t need this on top of it all.

Color me frustrated.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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