…and there was blood (the CliffNotes™ version)

(or, the Continuing Adventures in the Integris Healthcare System)

Saturday May 21:

Sick to my stomach so badly it woke me up.

Went into living room to lay on the couch, where I slept for three more hours.

Woke up to really bad nausea and ran to bathroom.

Puked up blood. Lots of it.

Woke Daniel up try tell him of this and he got up and got ready to drive me to hospital.

But he had to clean out his car first.

I woke up Jeff and he quickly got dressed.

With his car sufficiently cleaned out, we all went to the ER.

I was admitted.

And so a trip to ICU, an endoscopy, a blood transfusion and 5 days later, I came home.

Wednesday, May 25:

Where I still felt like 💩

My first big outing since coming home from hospital was a trip to Cracker Barrel for Scott’s birthday on Sunday.

An eventful week. Not one I wish to repeat anytime soon, if ever.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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