Orlando: what needs to change

I don’t think I can talk about the events of this past weekend without alternating between profound sadness at the innocent lost, or burning anger that nothing doesn’t seem to be getting done about senseless violence against innocent people.

Let’s take these events one at a time:

A deranged man drives over 200 miles to Orlando to kill a 22 year old girl who had just performed a concert. It appears, according to a number of reports that he came to that venue where Christina Grimmie was signing autographs and meeting fans with the express intent of doing her some kind of harm. He shot her, and her brother tackled him, at which time he shot and killed himself.

Can you imagine being Christina’s brother at that moment. He may have saved numerous lives by tackling the shooter, but he couldn’t save his own sister. My heart breaks for him.

Rest in peace, sweet Christina. You’re in God’s choir now.


A man Middle Eastern decent, born in the US, drives to Orlando to scope out targets for his plan to kill as many people as possible. He chose Pulse, a popular nightclub in the LGTBQ community. There were upwards of three hundred people there, and, after calling 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS, he starts shooting. Forty nine people die, fifty plus more are injured.

Why did he do this? Hate, pure and simple. He went to Pulse specifically to murder as many homosexuals as possible, because he didn’t agree with their lifestyle.

And apparently, he had been questioned the FBI in 2013 & 2014, but they saw nothing that would indicate he would carry out a mass shooting. Even his ex wife said he was mentally unstable.

You’ll notice that I have not mentioned the names of these two bastards who brought violence Orlando. They don’t need any publicity. We don’t need other unstable people thinking their can get attention by killing people.

What needs to change?

*Venues like Pulse and the venue where Christina was gunned down need to step up safety procedures, be that by security guards patting down patrons, metal detectors, or a strong police presence.

*Better mental health screenings. There are some people who, for whatever reason, are not mentally stable. Mental health screenings must be part of any wellness checkup, or if family or friends suspect someone is not all there in their thinking. Try to get them help. However some do fall through the cracks.

*Paying attention to one’s surroundings. These unstable people like soft targets, places like concerts or nightclubs where they can do the most damage. A lot of music groups do meet and greets. Perhaps more security backstage will prevent another tragedy like Christina Grimmie’s, or another Dimebag Darrell Abbott being shot and killed on stage.

*Venues might want to charge a little more for a ticket (as if they weren’t expensive enough) and set that money aside to improve security. Trust me, I wouldn’t mind a metal detector wand or a physical patdown before going into a venue it means that everyone’s safety is assured.


Of course, these are just suggestions, and my comments are my opinion. Your mileage may vary. You may even disagree. If you do choose to leave a comment on this post, please be reachable by email, and please refrain from name-calling or the use of profanity. Any abusive comments will be dealt with. Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want your mother, grandmother, or children to read.


“When senseless acts of tragedy remind us
That nothing here is promised, not one day.
This show is proof that history remembers
We lived through times when hate and fear seemed stronger;
We rise and fall and light from dying embers, remembrances that hope and love last longer
And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, from his Tonys acceptance speech, 6/12/2016

“Tell me now, who taught you how to hate?
Because it isn’t in your blood
Not a part of what you’re made
So let this be understood
Somebody taught you how to hate
When you live this way you become
Dead to everyone”

“Who Taught You How To Hate”, Disturbed, from their 2015 album Immortalized


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~


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