Political conventions could be hazardous to my sanity, let alone my health

The GOP convention ended yesterday. Thank God! 

Trump accepted the party’s nomination for president, and at one point during acceptance speech, he said, “I am your voice”.

No. No, Mr. Trump, you most certainly are NOT! You’re a misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, arsehole liar who thinks that just because it comes out of your mouth, then it must be fact. 

You want to build a wall on our border with Mexico, have at it. You pay for it, like, out of your own pockets. I mean, they ARE deep enough, right?

You want to keep out people whose countries are hotbeds for terrorism. Why? If your country was under siege by extremist terrorists, would you not try leave to make a better life for your family?

Oh, wait… you’re rich. That’ll NEVER happen to you! 

You also want to deny aid to NATO countries being attacked by…Russia?!

What is this, Cold War II? 

Then you have the audacity to suggest that if countries in that category want help from the US of A, they have to prove beneficial to us (you)?

Why don’t we fix what’s wrong here first. You want to do that, right? So what’s your plan to do just that? You probably have no earthly idea. That’s what advisors are for. 

I’m getting pissed off now. I better stop before I have a real stroke. 

Suffice it to say that I did a lot of yelling at my TV this week. Like it helps. I yelled at everyone from Melania, to Giuliani, to Trump lap dog Chris Christie, to Trump’s kids, to Mike Pence, to even Ted “non endorsement” Cruz. After all that, if I had to listen to his entire 76 minute speech, I may have really lost my mind. So I didn’t watch. I got the highlights later.

Next week, it’s the Democrats turn. That means more yelling at my TV. 

Better stock up on either popcorn…or a straight jacket and duct tape. 

What a circus this election has become!

God help us all.

I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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