The weight

I’m sick. How sick, I have no idea.

All I know is that it is hard to breathe, but it doesn’t feel like pleural effusion. It feels more like I have a thousand pounds of concrete sitting on my chest. It feels worse when my 5lb. cat Salem sits on my chest. Usually, because he’s so light, it doesn’t even bother me. It does now.

I ran out of meds last week. I go to renew my prescriptions with CVS, and it turns out that Blue Cross Blue Shield OK doesn’t have a contact with CVS any more. And not one word from BCBSOK regarding this. So now not only do I need meds, I have to transfer my current prescriptions to another pharmacy. I’ve used Walgreens, so I think I’ll transfer my prescriptions to them. 

So now, I need to get over this whatever I’ve got and get back on my meds, stat. 

I may be making a trip to the ER sooner rather than later.



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