My own personal ring on Dante’s inferno

On Monday (3/6/17), I went back to the ER because I still couldn’t breathe and was dizzy on top of it all. 

They did all kinds of tests to figure out what was wrong. 

Six hours later, I was sent home with prescriptions for even more meds that don’t work, and a diagnosis of vertigo and pneumonia. Apparently, I never had bronchitis. 

I’ve slept really good the last couple of nights. Why is it that I get my best sleep when I’m sick? 

If I have to make any more trips to the ER, I may as well just move in. This is ridiculous!

Good news out of all this is that I’ve lost 15 lbs. But when you have no appetite to speak of, I guess that’s a given.

This crap has been going on about six weeks too long. 

It’s 11pm. I’m going to bed. Good night. 😴💤💤💤


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

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