Sick again

Not “admitted to the hospital” sick, but feeling like crud nonetheless.

I think I ate something that just wasn’t copecetic with my digestive system. Been feeling nauseous all damn day.

I wish I could figure out what that something was so I won’t eat/drink it again.

This is the first time in a while (April?) that I’ve felt less than stellar. At least I can breathe, so it’s not that. Thank goodness…

And that ends my bitch n moan session for this evening.

I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


Worst. June. Ever.

And while I’m not at liberty to go into more detail (because it involves a member of my family not real impressed with social media), I can tell you this episode has left me an emotional mess. 

And though I’ve been assured that none of it is my fault, I feel like I’m partly responsible. 

It’s their story to tell if they wish to, and because of that, I won’t say what happened and what the outcome is. All I know is that I’d give anything for things to go back to normal. At the same time, I know deep inside that things won’t be quote-unquote  normal.

And that kinda makes me sad.


I can’t even…

Things I’m sick of hearing about in the news:

  1. Terrorism– do people hate themselves and other people -some who may not be of the same faith, ethnicity, sexuality, or political ideology, etc.- so much that they have to kill and maim them? No one has a solution that is really feasible, except maybe banning or discriminating them? Really?
  2. Calling all media “fake”– if it doesn’t make you look good, it’s automatically labelled as fake. 
  3. Alternative facts– so you make shit up that has no grain of truth to it whatsoever? Example: everything that comes out of the mouth of the mouthpiece du jour of the current administration.
  4. Tweeting– personally, I don’t think the POTUS should have access to Twitter. Period. 
  5. Donald Trump– he’s clearly way out of his depth here, but can anyone tell him that? Noooooo….

And that’s​ just today! 

He’s been president about 5 months, and he had managed, in that time, to make the USA the laughingstock of the. entire. planet. 

I mean, why couldn’t we have a cool leader like Canada’s Trudeau, France’s Macron, or even Germany’s Angela Merkel? Why do we get TweedleTrump the Wonder Dummy? 

Can we just throw the lot of them out and start over? 

Dear World:

Yes, we know our president is an idiot. I certainly didn’t vote for his arrogant ass. He does NOT, repeat, not represent the average​ American. He only represents those who are uber wealthy like himself. 

We know he’s not fit for the office he holds. But unless his own party starts the process to have him removed, we’re stuck with the Twittering jerk. 

He’s the reason so many Americans are rising up and letting their voices be heard. He, and his cronies, just ignore us…because he knows “more than the generals”, the scientists, the experts in fields he has no trouble insulting. Just as long as he looks good.

Our allies can no longer trust our government. He needs to be removed from office for his obvious ineptitude. He needs to take the rich SOBs in his cabinet with him. Pence, Bannon, Jared, Ivanka, Kellyanne, Spicer, Sessions…the whole lot of them need to go!

I fear for my country. This is not what our veterans fought for. My parents would be appalled at what’s happening to the United States. Thank God they’re not here to see this clusterfuck of an adminstration. 

I better stop now before I literally have a stroke. I am not happy. I am scared of what other bassackward things Trump has up his sleeve. 

Please pray for us, World. 

Much love and respect,