Stef’s further adventures in the Integris Healthcare System: regular follow up in the liver clinic

I hate change.

I went for my usual check up at Nazih Zudhi yesterday, and things were a bit weird.

I was scheduled for an ultrasound, and I thought I had to check in to the outpatient radiology clinic at the main check in as you enter the hospital. When I inquired, a very nice young man actually accompanied me and Scott to the clinic. Apparently, outpatient radiology has a new system to check folks in. Fortunately, I was already checked in (how, I don’t know). 

I got my hospital bracelet and waited to be called back. The ultrasound itself wasn’t too bad, but the liver doc didn’t get the results by the time I had my appointment in the liver clinic. I’m sure someone would’ve called me by now if there was something amiss.

Next was the lab where I had a blood draw (SOP. I get a blood draw at every visit). 

After that, I had about 45 minutes until my appointment with Dr. Patel (Nazih Zudhi has two doctors named Patel, and now I’ve seen both of them), so Scott and I check out the cafeteria. Pretty reasonable prices if I actually had money to spend. A grilled cheese sandwich, for example, was $1.50. The salad bar was 45¢ an ounce. Nothing was over five bucks. There’s a deli down there, too, where things were a little more expensive. 

So Scott and I sat in the cafeteria and played on our phones (yay for free WiFi!) until we headed back upstairs to go to the clinic. 

Things there had changed, too. Last time I was there just 2 months ago, the check in staff just handed you an iPad and you had to answer questions about your health history. Once again, I was already checked in, so all I had to do is wait for a nurse to call me back. 

Once called back, I got weighed (I gained 6 lbs. 😢), Then had blood pressure done (131/86, which is high for me. I think I was stressing over how tight the cuff was). Then Dr. Patel comes in, and he had someone observing him, who also was named Patel! The doctor is kind of hard to understand with his accent, and I had to ask him to repeat stuff a couple of times. He examines me, goes over my blood work, telling me my MELD score was 12, and that everything else they were looking for was more or less normal for me. He wants me to consider being placed on the transplant list now that I have insurance that will cover it. He also wants me to lose weight (says he who’s probably never had to lose weight in his life), and to make an appointment with the nutritionist. 

Oh and come back in November. 

Next appointment is November 15th, the week after Scott gets married. Scott does not yet know if he’ll be able to take me. I’ll check out SoonerRide to see what their rates are and all that, just in case.

I just hope I can stay out of the hospital til then. Because as sure as I sit here, something will crop up in the meantime. 

Think positive, Stef!


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