I’m not a happy camper right now.

These two doofus cats are on my last nerve!

I’m not happy with either of them right now.

Salem decided that my laundry basket was a fine and dandy place to relieve himself. 

Then I discovered that Pazzo did the same thing in a box that had stuff I was giving away to Goodwill. So I have to wash all of it.

And barely had enough laundry soap to do so. Thanks kids (the human ones, not the feline ones)!


Another thing that’s irking me currently is this stupid eclipse (currently ongoing). I might have liked to be asked if I wanted to go to the places of totality (ahem, sister and brother in law). But now I’m not really interested. It’s all over TV locally, and on the internet as well. 

I now have to go out and run errands. Yay.

Yep, I’m not really rah, rah, rah about anything right now.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


Stef’s further adventures in the Integris Healthcare System: regular follow up in the liver clinic

I hate change.

I went for my usual check up at Nazih Zudhi yesterday, and things were a bit weird.

I was scheduled for an ultrasound, and I thought I had to check in to the outpatient radiology clinic at the main check in as you enter the hospital. When I inquired, a very nice young man actually accompanied me and Scott to the clinic. Apparently, outpatient radiology has a new system to check folks in. Fortunately, I was already checked in (how, I don’t know). 

I got my hospital bracelet and waited to be called back. The ultrasound itself wasn’t too bad, but the liver doc didn’t get the results by the time I had my appointment in the liver clinic. I’m sure someone would’ve called me by now if there was something amiss.

Next was the lab where I had a blood draw (SOP. I get a blood draw at every visit). 

After that, I had about 45 minutes until my appointment with Dr. Patel (Nazih Zudhi has two doctors named Patel, and now I’ve seen both of them), so Scott and I check out the cafeteria. Pretty reasonable prices if I actually had money to spend. A grilled cheese sandwich, for example, was $1.50. The salad bar was 45¢ an ounce. Nothing was over five bucks. There’s a deli down there, too, where things were a little more expensive. 

So Scott and I sat in the cafeteria and played on our phones (yay for free WiFi!) until we headed back upstairs to go to the clinic. 

Things there had changed, too. Last time I was there just 2 months ago, the check in staff just handed you an iPad and you had to answer questions about your health history. Once again, I was already checked in, so all I had to do is wait for a nurse to call me back. 

Once called back, I got weighed (I gained 6 lbs. 😢), Then had blood pressure done (131/86, which is high for me. I think I was stressing over how tight the cuff was). Then Dr. Patel comes in, and he had someone observing him, who also was named Patel! The doctor is kind of hard to understand with his accent, and I had to ask him to repeat stuff a couple of times. He examines me, goes over my blood work, telling me my MELD score was 12, and that everything else they were looking for was more or less normal for me. He wants me to consider being placed on the transplant list now that I have insurance that will cover it. He also wants me to lose weight (says he who’s probably never had to lose weight in his life), and to make an appointment with the nutritionist. 

Oh and come back in November. 

Next appointment is November 15th, the week after Scott gets married. Scott does not yet know if he’ll be able to take me. I’ll check out SoonerRide to see what their rates are and all that, just in case.

I just hope I can stay out of the hospital til then. Because as sure as I sit here, something will crop up in the meantime. 

Think positive, Stef!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


When it comes to where it’s @ !~, the subject matter is rather, um, eclectic. I write about whatever pops into my head at any given time; the weather, my health, my frustrations with life, getting older, my opinions. Stuff like that.

Since life is, in and of itself, random, shouldn’t my content on where it’s @ !~ be random as well? 

Because it can’t always be sunshine and rainbows, right? Life is dirty, tragic, sad, frustrating, infuriating, and at times not very nice. 

It’s my story, shouldn’t I tell it my way?


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

Hot as…

It was 104°F here in Edmond, America yesterday. 

It’s 5:30 am, and it’s already 84°F…with a high of 99°F. 

And I can’t sleep. 

My stomach is grumbling due to the Lactulose, my head hurts, and I’m sleeping on the couch because I threw away my last set of sheets because I discovered bed bugs.

Where those came from, I can only speculate. It doesn’t appear they’ve infested the mattress though, as I haven’t seen the telltale signs. They were hiding behind a picture hanging near my bed. I’m going to treat the mattress with some stuff I found at Lowe’s and pray that does the trick. Then I’ll buy new sheets, blankets, and pillows. I can’t afford a new bed at this point in time. But I’ll get one if there’s no other choice. 

Because my couch really is too short for me to sleep on…and I’m not all that tall; only about 5’4″.

But back to the weather. 

All I want is a good downpour to cool things off for a couple of days. Because right now, 99 is not cold. The heat and humidity make me ill and I don’t sweat to speak of. I’m a walking, talking hot mess of a gal. Going to the hospital due to heat exhaustion is not on my summer to do list. Or any other trip to the hospital for that matter. 

Rain, please?


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~ 

Still trying to “catch” something

I thought it was because I ate way too much on July 4th, but 2 days later, I still feel like 💩. 

Errands and groceries still have to get done though. No one else will do them for me. 

It’s this headache that’s going to do me in. Last time that happened, I ended up in the ER because I accidentally took Excedrin, which has aspirin in it. I can’t take stuff like Advil because it has ibuprofin in it, and that’s not good for my wonky liver.

Either the headache or the lumpy feeling in my stomach. I had a piece of toast for breakfast. After that, I was full. And taking my morning meds with water made the fullness worse. My stomach actually hurts. 

I guess it’s back to grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, and mac n cheese for me. Maybe a salad thrown in there once in a while. And Zevia™ ginger ale to quiet things down. 


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~

Sick again

Not “admitted to the hospital” sick, but feeling like crud nonetheless.

I think I ate something that just wasn’t copecetic with my digestive system. Been feeling nauseous all damn day.

I wish I could figure out what that something was so I won’t eat/drink it again.

This is the first time in a while (April?) that I’ve felt less than stellar. At least I can breathe, so it’s not that. Thank goodness…

And that ends my bitch n moan session for this evening.

I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

Worst. June. Ever.

And while I’m not at liberty to go into more detail (because it involves a member of my family not real impressed with social media), I can tell you this episode has left me an emotional mess. 

And though I’ve been assured that none of it is my fault, I feel like I’m partly responsible. 

It’s their story to tell if they wish to, and because of that, I won’t say what happened and what the outcome is. All I know is that I’d give anything for things to go back to normal. At the same time, I know deep inside that things won’t be quote-unquote  normal.

And that kinda makes me sad.