The Last Word

Disclaimers and Copyright:

First of all, about my views: they are MY views, and you do not have to agree with ANYTHING I say on Where it’s @. Free speech is a wonderful thing. If you have comments about what I have said, please email me, or leave me a comment on the post in question. I realize that sometimes I may offend those with delicate sensibilities, but it’s my opinion, and I am entitled to such. I don’t speak for anyone but me (see below).

All works, posts, and personal photographs on this blog are copyrighted. Just a brief primer, however: I own the copyright on everything I create. This copyright is established from the moment I commit it to a fixed form (i.e. this blog), and it’s good for the rest of my life, and for seventy (70) years after my death.

If you feel you must use anything from this blog, please do the decent thing and ASK FOR PERMISSION!!! I might say yes. I’ve worked too long and hard at my craft to just have someone take it. If I do grant you permission, please credit me. It’s all I ask. If you do take my content without permission, please be informed that you will seriously piss me off and I will find you. And it won’t be pretty. It’s not nice to piss off Stef. So, please ask me for permission to use content. It will be easier on everyone if you do.

The Real Last Word:

All posts on Where it’s @ are the opinions of the author and does not reflect the views or policies of WordPress, my ISP , my employer or any of the websites/blogs listed on this site. Sometimes, opinions change and I’ll say something stupid. If you leave comments on posts remember that all comments left regarding posts are at the discretion of the author (that would be me, Stef), who has the right to edit or remove any and all comments she deems offensive or inappropriate. Third party items are credited and their copyright applies. Copyright infringements are swiftly and severely dealt with. Content © Stephanie Pera 2007-until I say so, all rights reserved. For further information, please refer to the above paragraph.

For copyright information, please see

and thank you for your support 🙂


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