Yes, I know February is almost over…

but it hasn’t been the greatest of birthday months for me this year.

I’m now 55 years old. Double nickels. Eligible to order from the 55+ menu at Denny’s. Still dealing with liver issues, a now healing L4 vertebra, pleural effusion, and most recently, a strained abdominal muscle that I managed to injure in. my. sleep.

My birthday wasn’t that exciting. We did a birthday dinner at my sister’s house, got presents from Marc and Jeff, and got to spend some quality time with my grandson. That was the best part.

This past weekend (February 22-24, 2019), I’ve been a bit of pain and discomfort, due to not only my back, but also the strained ab muscle. Per my orthopedist’s office, my previously prescribed pain meds should be all I need to lessen the pain. If it’s still bothering me next week, to call and make an appointment to be seen.

I also have two other appointments this week at Mercy: the cardiologist on the 26th; and my PCP on the 28th.

I can’t wait for this month to be over! I hope March is much better than this month has been. It can’t get any worse, could it?

Wait! Don’t answer that!


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

Back to the same ole shit…

I was hospitalized last week for pleural effusion.

When I messed up my back, I also messed up my dosing schedule for my regular meds. Six weeks of not taking diuretics equals 2 days in the “health spa”.

They removed about a liter and a half of fluid from around my right lung (which friggin hurts, BTW) and were going to send me home that day! It was done so late in the day that when the decision to send me home was made, I was asleep!

I follow up with my PCP next week.

So much for extending my no hospitalizations into 2019.



I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~

Edward is finally here!

Edward Landon*

Born January 8, 2019

7 lbs. 6 oz.

21.5 inches long

My 💜 first 💜 grandchild! I can hardly believe it.

Just call me Nonna Stef


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @!~

*I’m not mentioning their surname per the new parents request.

Edward might be fashionably late. Just like his daddy.

His due date is January 4th (which is tomorrow –if you’re reading this 2 years from now). His mother reports that if she’s not gone into labor by Friday, she’ll be induced on Monday, January 7th.

And she’s not even feeling anything close to going into labor.

With the bad weather we’re having today (ice, snow, sleet, cold temps, slick streets, etc), maybe it’s best he waits a couple extra days.

My son, Scott, was four days past his due date when he finally arrived in May, 1991. This after they told me that they weren’t going to let me go overdue. And he was a big baby on top of it all (nearly 10 lbs.!).

I hope Edward isn’t that big… Sarah is much smaller than I was. But we won’t know till he arrives, be that on his due date, or the 2 days between that and the date they want to induce.

I hope he arrives soon. I can’t wait to meet my grandson!


I’m (Nonna) Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~

Oh, I messed myself up good… Part 2

(part 1 here)

I had a follow up appointment with an orthopedist on December 19th. After a little confusion as to what my actual appointment time was, I got in to see the doctor relatively soon after I was shown to an exam room.

After blood pressure and temp checks, the doctor came in to see me. He asked me why about how I fell, how bad the pain was (more than childbirth, less than pancreatitis), and took a look at the ridiculously large bruise that took over my left calf. As for the bruising, he told me that was normal in fall cases and that it was nothing I should be overly concerned about. Don’t do any unnecessary walking and rest it as much as possible, and if it did change, to contact the office right away.

Then we looked at the MRI of my back and the x-rays of my wrist from the ER. My wrist wasn’t broken, but he could see how that might have been misread in the ER. He categorized it as more of a mild sprain and cut off the ER cast (mad applause and cheering from inside my head, lol).

As for the MRI of my back, he explained that it could’ve been a whole lot worse, but the vertebra had maintained its height except in the area where it was compressed. He wanted an x-ray to confirm it.

So I’m shuffled off to the X-ray room, where I was asked to lay on a rather hard surface for them to x-ray. That was rather painful. Then the x-ray tech wanted to get another standing up, so I get up off the table in a considerable amount of pain (on a scale of 1-10, this was easily a 25…) and walk over to get the next image.

After that’s done, I go back to the exam room. The doctor comes in and we look at the xray, where he points out that no broken pieces of vertebra are in the spinal canal (the space between the vertebra and the spinal cord), and confirmed what he’d told me earlier about the vertebra maintained its height, and that as it healed, the compressed area would fill in with with new bone growth.

Then he told me it would take up to 3 months for it to heal completely. I guess I’m not traveling anywhere until at least March.

If then…*sigh*

We talked about the pain medication I was prescribed at the ER. The dozen pills I’d gotten were gone as of that morning, so he wrote me a new script for the same stuff, but at double the dosage. I’m to cut them in half so that they last until my next appointment with him on January 9th. I could take a whole one on days the pain was especially bad, but to take half per his instruction. If I needed a refill before my appointment, I had to actually come to the office so that a new prescription could be provided to me. I don’t think that will happen.

I took the script to the pharmacy (because it’s a class 2 narcotic, it can’t simply be called in), where I find out it was no charge on my insurance.

I took the first dose before I went to bed. This stuff is, as I told Jeff later, “AMAAAAAAAAAZING”! I could almost move normally. I also see why I should cut them in half, as it knocked. me. out. But i don’t know if the medicine did it, or that my catching Daniel’s cold did. I slept really well. I almost overslept the next half dose!

Three months til it all heals up…

This will be fun…not!


I’m Stef, and this is where it’s @ !~