Impressive bruise, a cold, a strained back muscle… could this week get any better?!

Because of the back muscle thing, I didn’t sleep last night. When I finally did sleep, I slept right through the beginning of my German class where there was a test. The prof has graciously allowed me to make it up on Monday after class, so I have a few extra days to study.


So now I have a new bottle of Aleve and a roll on topical analgesic to apply to said strained muscle in my lower back (coincidentally, in about the same place I have a herniated disk). Let’s see if this helps.


The Great State Fair of Oklahoma started today. I’ll probably go at some point between now and the 26th. Maybe the boys and I can go again like we did last year…without all the damn drama that last year’s trip had. Sheesh!


My friend Vincent called me last night… from the hospital in Enid, OK!

He had some kind of infection in his foot (he’s in a wheelchair so he’s not able to move anything from the hips down), and his doctors were concerned that if the infection were to get into his bloodstream, it could kill him. So Vincent decided to have part of his leg amputated. Surgery was this morning some time, so I hope all went well. I guess he’ll be in touch when he’s able. At least I hope and pray so.


I’m so freakin’ tired… I should take a nap.


The local ABC affiliate, KOCO channel 5, will be at UCO tomorrow to do the last stop on their “On the Road” tour. This year it was five local universities. I’m planning to be there, especially if ed 90.1 is going to be doing a remote. Right now, it doesn’t look like it, but you never know. I’m still going to go because it’s supporting the school.


Got Vincent on the phone, so I’m going to close here.


I’m Stef and this is where it’s @ !~


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